Local Building Types: Prototype [WS22]

Lehrveranstaltung: Projekt-integrierte Veranstaltung
Modul: Entwurfsprojekt Hochbau I/II – MA-A und MA-AT
Fachgebiet: Gebäudetechnik und Entwerfen
Prüfrecht: Prof. Claus Steffan
Betreuung: WM Piet Nieder, WM Eileen Dorer Li

Course: Project-integrated event
Module: Design Studio I/II – MA-A und MA-AT
Chair: Building Technology and Architectural Design
Examiner: Prof. Claus Steffan
Supervisor: WM Piet Nieder, WM Eileen Dorer Li

Ethiopian cities have very high urbanization rates mostly due to rural-urban migration. The historical fabric of the city witnesses massive urban renewal, which results in the re-settlement of urban poor to the outskirts of the city. So far state-led social housing programs were not able to address this challenge. In collaboration with experts from Ethiopia we will propose a pilot-project for an alternative, low-cost approach to urban renewal that takes into account the realities of historically grown neighborhoods and their communities towards an inclusive modernization. Learning from traditional and vernacular space-making practices will be at the center of our studio.