Neighbourhood Demonstrators N-DEMO

EIT Climate-KIC project

Neighbourhood Demonstrators (N-DEMO) provides a set of significant urban test-beds in London and Berlin to demonstrate, evaluate, and facilitate innovative and integrated low-carbon interventions. Builded on new models of delivery and data-driven insights the project will stimulate economic development while lowering carbon footprint through sustainable energy consumption. It will mitigate the impact of climate change, and drive forward the learning on how to create sustainable EU Cities through a systemic neighbourhood approach.

Bringing together Climate-KIC academic and corporate partners, and providing real-world development and demonstration opportunities for SMEs, this 30 month project will apply and assess specific innovation opportunities, including climate envelopes, geothermal demonstrations, and holistic community-level low-carbon transformation.

Management of the Berlin activities: Ivana Agnolin

Research: Martin Buchholz, Arda Karasu