Local Building Types – The Addis Ababa House

ModulBioclimatic Design I / Klima I
SWS / LP4 / 6
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Right to reviewProf. Claus Steffan
LecturerWM Piet Nieder
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When?Tuesdays 10am – 2pm
open Kick-off Session 20.4.2021 – 10am
In the 1920s/30s the young city of Addis Ababa has witnessed a very specific form of local architecture. At the beginning of Ethiopias first urbanization-process a mixture of vernacular knowledge and a new cosmopolitain mindset led to an architectural type that local professionals call the „Addis Ababa House“. Today those buildings are under threat to be swallowed up by short-sighted economic interest.
In cooperation with the Institute of Architecture in Addis Ababa (EiABC) we will study the typology of the Addis Abeba House in regard to its embeddedness in local resources, climatic conditions and local craftsmanship. As such, we will employ the Addis Ababa House as a case study to discuss the possibility of a non-industrial urban building type that reflects the desire for socio-ecological progress and a cosmopolitan urban life.

There will be an open Kick-off session on Tuesday 20th of April / 10am for more information on the course – as well as the registration procedure (maximum 20 students).
The seminar is open to students of MA and M-Arch-T curricula. It will be entirely in English.

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Uhrzeit: 20.Apr..2021 10:00 AM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien
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