LOCAL BUILDING TYPES – Learning from Heritage

ModulHochbau I / Design Studio I + PiV
Qisposnummer 40375
Right to reviewProf. Claus Steffan
LecturerWM Piet Nieder, WM Martin Buchholz
No. of participants8+4
WhereA205 Studio
WhenDonnerstags, 11 – 17 Uhr
Open Studio 13.10.2021 um 11:00 Uhr / zoom-link / Meeting-ID: 679 9983 9500 / Kenncode: 301469
In cooperation with the Ethiopian School of Architecture (EiABC) we will design a low cost, low-carbon housing types for emerging territories in Ethiopia. This design studio builds up on the typological research on vernacular heritage of Addis Ababa, that we have conducted during the past summer semester. At the same time the students designs will take part in the „Architectural Challenge“ by INTBAU which goes under the claim: „Advancing local traditions for global sustainability“.

From the competition brief: „Alongside the huge demand for construction (…), we are at a point of unprecedented awareness of the depletion of resources used for building, and of the impact the built environment has on the health of people, communities, an the planet. Now is our chance to take decisive action, by developing patterns of designing and building to improve quality of life for people around the world, and by learning from and advancing the local knowledge and traditional methods that have been adapted to climate and context over generations.“

With the support of our GTE research department, we will investigate the question of how to provide simple and affordable building technologies in the context of an existing urban fabric. Innovation and traditional technologies go hand in hand in order to strengthen the autonomy of low-income neighborhoods in regard to basic needs such as water, energy, heat and food. How does building technology go together with an incremental approach to urban renewal?