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the sun that governs us

[…] each of those innumerable leaves is an eye hypnotized by the sun, an eye always wide open, continually turning so as to look the great solitary traveller who passes from East to West across the sky once every day always in the face. It is the sun that governs us.








Modul: Arch M WP HA(6) GTE.04 Klima 1
Art der Lehrveranstaltung: Seminar
Thema: the sun that governs us
SWS / LP (nach ECTS): 4/6
Prüfungsleistung: Portfolioprüfung
Betreuung: WM Daniel Korwan, WM Hendrik Schultz
Prüfrecht: Prof. Claus Steffan
Teilnehmerzahl: 12
Ort: A 306
Zeit: Di 14:00 – 18:00 Uhr
1. Veranstaltungstermin: 25.04.2017
Anmeldung: Listeneintrag in der 1. Veranstaltung

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